Ironpants for PC Download on Windows Computer

Ironpants for PC Download is now available on Windows 7/8 as well as Windows XP. Downloading Ironpants on Computer system is a lot easy now a days. Hay Day for PC Game on Computer.

“Flappy birds” is the thing of the past now. Ironpants has registered the rise  of a new game that is as addictive and as popular as flappy birds available at the Google Play Store. Ironpants has already earned millions of downloads and it points the credibility and popularity of the game. Its extreme favoring by the fans led the developers to launch a PC version to it as well. The best part about Ironpants is that it can be availed for free on your PC.

Note : Ironpants for PC is not available officially but we are going to provide tutorial of downloading this awesome game on computer with the help of Android Emulator.

For downloading this game on Android smartphone please check out this link

ironpants for pc

The gameplay and the concept of Ironpants is quite simple and non complex. All the features of the game are exhilarating and encourage you to buy the game. The only drawback as reported by the users is that it offers flurry of advertisement which becomes harder to deal with, at times. Although, the advertisements are plenty, the game is still very addictive and has become a favorite among the gaming clan.

Features of Ironpants for PC or Computer :

Ironpants can be downloaded for free by the smartphone users by going to the Google Play Store. However, not every user has an access to smartphone and they all need the game on their PC. Seeing this trend, the developers made a smart move by launching the game on the PC platform too. It was received with a warm applause by the critics and the fans alike. Before checking out the procedure to download the same, let us know more about the game by looking at its features.

  1. The character in the name Ironpant flies higher and higher in the game and flying is the underlying concept of the game.
  2. An ample of obstacles try to stop the gamer from flying but you have evade all of them in order to make sure that you cover the longest distance in your chance.
  3.  The graphics of the game are of high quality and they give you the feel of being in the real world rather than a virtual one.
  4. The presence of leaderboards enables you to compare your score  with the friends and the game becomes more interesting in this way.
  5. The game has one touch control and it remains to be one of the best features of Ironpants.

Now its time to know how to really download Ironpants on PC without any problem, please have a look into the article.

How to download Ironpants for PC:

As we discussed above that Ironpants is available for PC. However, it cannot be availed from the Google Play Store for the PC users. They have to use APK files for the same. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, you need to copy the APK files on your memory card. It does not take long time and it’s very easy to accomplish, hence it can be done by a novice user too.
  2. Once the APK files have been copied on the memory card, try inserting the card into the system.
  3. The next step is to download the app installer which catalyzes the download of android apps.
  4. Now, select the APK file you need to install and click on Ok.
  5. In a few moments, your favorite game would be downloaded on your PC without any hassles.

So I hope by now you know how to download Ironpants for PC or Computer and if you facing any issue then please do comment and let us know about it, we will be surely able to help you out with things.

Download Frontline Commando on your PC Free

Smartphones are becoming the bread and butter of daily lives and that is where all the programs and games go. While such devices more often than not have touch screens and thus games built for such devices have distinct ways of operation all together.

Recreating the same experience is not frequently easy and thus these games never get ported to PC. Frontline Commando 2 is one such first person shooter game on iOS and Android. Nonetheless, in case you need Frontline Commando 2 you must use the BlueStacks emulator to get it running in your Windows based PC.

Frontline Commando 2 maintains exactly the same gameplay approaches and is a sequel of Frontline Commando set from Glu. The original was Frontline Commando and a disclosure: D-Day was probably the next best.

The levels get increasingly harder and some quantity of grinding is needed unless of course you are ready to shell out cash to make things simpler. Virtual currency, which can be difficult to get by is required by specific things, and thus you have to spend real world cash, although the game is free to play.

Frontline Commando pc

The Gameplay – Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando 2 follows the same basic storyline. The character cannot physically move and is armed with weapons to fire at enemies. The weapons can be updated with money. Train them – which take you or long time, can just pay and allow it to be fast and you are also required to get a squad.

The shooting can be done with a scope as they pop up to hunt outside enemies, and your squad will automatically kill a couple of them. The game is largely set in urban landscape. The shooting and overall gameplay has been simplified with virtually no strategy whatsoever. While it would be appreciated by many, the simplification of the game is not what was required as of this stage.

The assignments (complete 50 of them) feature enemies and last for a few minutes along side sub goals to reach more money. Additionally they feature a boss at the end, which to be able to complete the game you have to kill. The experience of playing this first person shooting game on PC would undoubtedly be great and so are the special effects.

To your PC – Frontline Commando

Getting Frontline Commando 2 up and running would mean recreating the smartphone environment in your PC. This is easily done with BlueStacks – an Android app and game emulator that can run apps and game at the same time. Installing the game within the emulator is pretty easy.

Frontline Commando

  • Just click here to download the newest version of BlueStacks.
  • Install and Run it and establish your settings and languages.
  • Hunt for “Frontline Commando 2” within BlueStacks from the search bar.
  • Once discovered, download and install it by clicking on Install button.

Visit “My Programs” section and select the game icon to start the game
Once it begins running, you can use your computer keyboard and mouse to play the game with no problem. Frontline Commando 2 for PC can be the greatest time killer and would also be rewarding to play.

Download GTA Vice City – Free For PC

Developed by Rockstar North, it is an action packed adventure game set in a open-world environment that enables players to connect to the gaming world in accordance with their leisure.

It’s played from the perspective of a third person and runs on formats and various games consoles like- Xbox, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. It’s a single-player game, and is among the most ambitious and varied interactive games ever created.

Storyline Of The Game – GTA Vice City

Set in the year 1986, in the fictitious Vice City, the game is inspired in the American culture of the 1980s. Vice City is heavily modelled on Miami, and the game follows a Mafia hitman, Tommy Vercetti, just released from prison. He was involved with a drug deal that had gone wrong and the game tracks Tommy’s journey as he seeks out those responsible.

GTA Vice City


Much like the previous GTA titles, this game is, in addition, open-ended. Nevertheless, several missions must be completed as a way to complete the storyline as well as unlock more areas of the town. Weapons and various concealed packages may also be found scattered across the landscape.

Some of the most interactive and interesting things that players can indulge in are, stealing a horde of different types of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to cars, and from boats to choppers; participate in robberies as well as in drive-by shooting.

This, however, may lead to unwanted police attention, or, in severe instances, the FBI and the National Guard. But there are methods to neutralize it.

These gangs may be foe or friend, and they act appropriately. Impulsive shootouts between rival gangs are common and these fights between opposing gangs take part in various assignments.

Rewards in the kind of money and edges, like increased armor ability, well-being and infinite sprint, can be made by finishing various difficulty levels of specific discretionary side-assignments. A few of these contain- extinguishing fires with the help of a fire truck, driving an ambulance to get injured ones and making pizza deliveries.

New Additions/ Changes added from previous GTA Variations

The biggest addition to the game is the player’s skill to buy properties distributed through the entire city. These are fundamentally hideouts where players accumulate and can store weapons as well as save the game.

GTA Vice City GAME

Termed as “assets”, players can also purchase several businesses. Some of those include- a taxi company, a film studio, a strip club and a dance club, among others. After they have been completed, these typically have some assignments and will generate income for Vercetti.

From the speed enthusiasts (high speed motorbikes and automobiles), to the sportsman (appreciating the outside in a powerboat or golf buggy), in the freedom seeker (helicopter ride to view the city from above), to the creepy and close kind (the game is filled with surprises at every turn). GTA Vice City can keep anyone participated and awed.

How to Download VectorWorks for Free

Now it is possible to design your every detail by the CAD software. AutoCAD applications is that with which it is possible to create wonderful designs. With design software and the VectorWorks instruction manual, you can achieve any feat that is designing:-

  • You’ll be able to document and work with the productivity programs in detail.
  • You will also be able to create a connection of your workflow between incorporated cloud, mobile and desktop computer remedies.

Features of VectorWorks

VectorWorks software contains the following characteristics:

  • It’s a modern interface, which is upgraded and improves the process of
  • design along with productivity which then enhances the speed of your workflow.
  • It is possible to open existing or new drawings quickly with the help of New Tab page.
  • You can also get the content of the drawing directly through the decoration additionally; find the tools via an increased Help window.


Documentation Attributes

  • Look and the feel of this new interface which has been upgraded, helps the design process to improve.
  • The drawing content can be directly accessed visually through the ribbon.
  • You can open new and existing drawings quickly and also access a hunk of the design components.
  • You can also have a preview of results of the orders often used before you’ll commit them.
  • Now in the interface, you are able to see the tool locations with improved Help window and the new.
  • You will be able to record your design details with assistance from AutoCAD tools of instruction manual.

Synonym Propositions, autoCorrect and Adaptive Propositions are included in Command Line Interface. AutoComplete is another new attribute which supports search in mid-string.

You may also get the tools needed for creating Detail and Section views. Additionally, you will be able to pick from the systems of common segment like, half or complete or counter or aligned.

You may also keep and create relationships between items which are arrayed.

Design Features For VectorWorks

VectorWorks desing

  • On-line maps can be obtained easily in the canvas, right.
  • The cloud functionality in relation to stage was accentuated. It now includes the display of colours by levels and geo location.
  • You’ll be capable of take out the curves that are isoline to design the contour of any contours through an unique point either on a solid or a surface.
  • You can also cancel and extrude curvatures, in this manner, creating solids surfaces.
  • You will also be able to create notions of layout in any form that is conceivable. You are able to pull or push the faces, vertexes and borders to be able to create complex forms or add etc., surfaces
  • You will be able to assess the curvature, draft and continuity of solids and 3D surfaces.

Thus, with a great number of features if you’re a CAD applications users, to use from, download latest VectorWorks by clicking download button below!

How to Download WWE Smackdown VS Raw Free

The Smackdown vs. Raw is a total action wrestling game. Any actions adoring gamers would enjoy the feel of the fight that is amazing. It’s thought to be among the finest first person fighter games where you get for being such addictive to enjoy the aggression that additionally in a realistic WWE environment, thanks to the game.

Once you start playing the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw game, you will be engulfed with unparalleled gaming experience. While smashing your adversary in the game the game is extraordinarily designed to give you the realistic feel and will undoubtedly set your blood on fire.

WWE Smackdown VS Raw Free

Prerequisites For Smooth Gaming – WWE Smackdown VS Raw

The game was created to run easily in Windows XP, but Windows 8 and Windows 7 also can support it consequently giving a broad variety of Operating System to it.

The games basic necessities comprise 2.2 Ghz clock speed CPU with a minimum RAM of 8GB and it will need a 3GB free hard disk space. The programmers have added all the key attributes to ensure it is look like the TV game

Sound Effects And Graphics Upscaled!

The US box artwork of the game or the cover of the game CD carton features Vince McMahon with the other blue and one eye red. The game has also got a new increase in its graphics and also this fact was greatly marketed. The images improvement is apparent in the increased polygon count over previous SmackDown games.

The soundtracks have been also used by them for the entry of the wrestlers and even during the wrestling sequences the background music is really precise. They have also taken care of the crowd’s cheering sound.

You are able to play with different kinds of matches like tag team, and group matches also. All the legendary players are made available. The game was developed by Yuke’s who’ve also developed the preceding matches of the series.

The game was first released on November 2, 2004 in North American states, followed by the European nations, and was finally found in the Asian states starting with Japan.

Intriguing Attributes for WWE Smackdown VS Raw

When you are playing with the famous players like Undertaker, Batista, Shawn Michaels, you can appreciate their thrilling voice and additionally they have their private fighting skills. Their finishing moves and the specific fighting skills are also integrated in each wrestler.

WWE Smackdown VS Raw Free pc

The fundamental controls offer kicking by which you’ll be able to bring down your opponent and punching. The programmers have made it more fascinating by confining the playing choices in the beginning. You can play with just one player while the others remain locked when you start the game.

So, if you’re enticed enough to get this awesome SmackDown VS Raw – WWE Game on your own system, hit the download button below!