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Developed by Rockstar North, it is an action packed adventure game set in a open-world environment that enables players to connect to the gaming world in accordance with their leisure.

It’s played from the perspective of a third person and runs on formats and various games consoles like- Xbox, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. It’s a single-player game, and is among the most ambitious and varied interactive games ever created.

Storyline Of The Game – GTA Vice City

Set in the year 1986, in the fictitious Vice City, the game is inspired in the American culture of the 1980s. Vice City is heavily modelled on Miami, and the game follows a Mafia hitman, Tommy Vercetti, just released from prison. He was involved with a drug deal that had gone wrong and the game tracks Tommy’s journey as he seeks out those responsible.

GTA Vice City


Much like the previous GTA titles, this game is, in addition, open-ended. Nevertheless, several missions must be completed as a way to complete the storyline as well as unlock more areas of the town. Weapons and various concealed packages may also be found scattered across the landscape.

Some of the most interactive and interesting things that players can indulge in are, stealing a horde of different types of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to cars, and from boats to choppers; participate in robberies as well as in drive-by shooting.

This, however, may lead to unwanted police attention, or, in severe instances, the FBI and the National Guard. But there are methods to neutralize it.

These gangs may be foe or friend, and they act appropriately. Impulsive shootouts between rival gangs are common and these fights between opposing gangs take part in various assignments.

Rewards in the kind of money and edges, like increased armor ability, well-being and infinite sprint, can be made by finishing various difficulty levels of specific discretionary side-assignments. A few of these contain- extinguishing fires with the help of a fire truck, driving an ambulance to get injured ones and making pizza deliveries.

New Additions/ Changes added from previous GTA Variations

The biggest addition to the game is the player’s skill to buy properties distributed through the entire city. These are fundamentally hideouts where players accumulate and can store weapons as well as save the game.

GTA Vice City GAME

Termed as “assets”, players can also purchase several businesses. Some of those include- a taxi company, a film studio, a strip club and a dance club, among others. After they have been completed, these typically have some assignments and will generate income for Vercetti.

From the speed enthusiasts (high speed motorbikes and automobiles), to the sportsman (appreciating the outside in a powerboat or golf buggy), in the freedom seeker (helicopter ride to view the city from above), to the creepy and close kind (the game is filled with surprises at every turn). GTA Vice City can keep anyone participated and awed.

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